Thousands of helpers visit Lourdes each year and, before departing, many take part in
an induction day.

Our mission is to complement the current induction process in continuing to produce first class online material that better informs and engages helpers so they more clearly understand what happens in Lourdes, what work they may undertake and how to best participate.


Why is this important?
• The better informed helpers are the better care they will be able to give to
hospital and assisted pilgrims, and the more enriching and enjoyable their
personal pilgrimage will be
• With more thorough training first time helpers are likely to feel less anxious
about roles they may be asked to undertake
• Through a consultation process the idea is to create a cross-pilgrimage ‘best practice’
programme that brings together the best advice and practices from
all pilgrimages
• There are strict laws that necessitate the thorough induction of people working
with the young, elderly and vulnerable people. The new courses will be
created so that, on completion of them, pilgrimage directors and management
know they have imparted a significant level of knowledge to the helper
• Extensive research carried out by the HCPT calls for more innovative induction

The induction days are very useful, how will this work with them?
The idea is not to replace the Lourdes induction days which are already run
successfully, the idea is to enhance them by providing each helper with
access to our interactive online courses that takes them through some of the
key areas in which they may be asked to help in Lourdes

Will the helpers be expected to take the course in their own time, or during their
induction day?
As an online module the course could be completed at any time, but it would be best
for helpers to complete it before the induction day, they would then be able to discuss
what they have learnt and ask questions about it. Having said this, less internet-savvy
helpers may want to take the course on a computer during their induction day. This
would also be possible.

Would people have to have any special software installed to take the online
The courses are built in Flash which will play on any computer with Flash installed.
Flash is installed on most computers and is free.

We like the idea, but we operate in Lourdes a little differently with our own
specific processes related to our teams. Would it be possible to add this extra
information to your modules?
Yes, the modules can be tailor-made as much or as little as required, but this would not
be provided as the standard offering. For example, if a pilgrimage wanted to add a
personal video message at the beginning and end of a course that would be possible
as well as including sections specific to a certain pilgrimage. .

We need to track who has taken the course for compliance purposes, is this
At the outset the idea is to issue every helper completing an interactive course with
a printable certificate of completion. In the future, by including an automated log-in
facility linked to a Learning Management System, we will be able to track every user.

July 2012

Help in Lourdes

Online Induction Programme for Lourdes Pilgrimage helpers.


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